HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine is one of our best selling machines since it's introduction. Precision engineered High Temperature High Pressure Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine have become the first choice of dyeing plant through out the Textile Dyeing Industry with us having technical experience of around 1000 man years. HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine has been designed for dyeing Polyester, Cotton, Viscose, Nylon, Acrylic, Texturised, Silk, Wool & all natural and man made fibers in various forms like Cone, Tape, Narrow Fabrics, Zipper, Hanks, Ribbons, Tops & Loose Fiber. These machines are offered for capacities from 10 kg upto 1500 kg. per batch. However two machines can be coupled to give larger batch size up to 3000 kg. The coupled machines can be run as independent machine also at the press of a button.


  • Machine body and all parts coming into contact with the dye liquor are made of AISI SS 316Ti/316L, highly corrosion resistant
  • Double stage turbo pump for liquor circulation
    (In-Out & Out-In) with Inverter Drive for varying speed
  • Control panel with JOGSON Dyeing Programmer TPR13/PLC & touch interface (Optional)
  • MLR of 1:5 (Fully Flooded) 1:4 (Air Pad System)
  • Air pad System to insert air manually into the machine to create static pressure and to minimize the liquor ratio
  • Colour addition tank with Injection Pump for dozing the dye liquor into the machine
  • High efficient heat exchanger inside the machine having no heat loss to the ambient
  • Variable loading with flexible loading spindles or capacity reducing dummies
  • HT Drain - the machine can be drained at 130° C
    Sampling Pot to check the dyeing result while machine is in operation
  • Pneumatically operated Top Lid Open / Close
  • Human / Machine Safety Interlocks

Optional Features

  • Multiple fill
  • Multiple drain
  • Various heating methods such as electric heaters, thermic fluid, steam & gas/diesel burner
  • Full capacity Stock Tank with heating & mixing stirrer and transfer pump
  • ph meter
  • Hydro extraction device
  • DPT for ratio fill/metered fill/partial fill
  • Linear and progressive dosing


  • Compact arrangement of JOGSON Dyeing Pump, Heat exchanger and piping is the main key to floor space saving
  • MLR of 1:5, consumes less dyestuff, chemicals, steam, water & produces less effluent discharge, hence it's ECO friendly & reduces the production cost in respect to conventional vertical machines
  • Inverter driven turbo pump for variable flow control; saves upto 40% power consumption hence more Energy Efficient
  • HT Drain at 130°C for oligomers elimination during polyester dyeing process
  • Variable loading with dummies & air pad maintains constant MLR & Flow Rate
  • Interchangeable dyeing carriers for Cones, Loose Fiber, Fabric, Muffs, Tops, Bobbin, etc.
  • Excellent dyeing result and levelness, reduces yarn loss
  • Water level, pressure, distinctive temperature multiple safety interlock, ensure operational safety

Technical Data

  • Maximum design pressure 5 bar
  • Maximum design temperature 140°C
  • Heating gradient 25°C - 130°C approx at 5°C /min.
    (Dry saturated steam pressure at 7 bar)
  • Cooling gradient 130°C-85°C approx at 3.5°C/min.
    (Cold water of 25°C at 3 bar)