JOGSON has designed a Versatile, Compact and maintenance free Glycerin Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine which is suitable for developing Dyeing Recipe for Polyester, Cotton, Viscose, Acrylic, Silk Yarns, Zipper Tapes, Narrow Fabric, Sewing Threads & any form of fiber or blended Yarn. This machine is of immense use for dyeing plant, processing units, research and development labs, testing labs, textile institutes and dyes manufacturers.

The Machine is Equipped with JOGSON dyeing controller which control upto 100 programs with battery backup, Electric Gear Motor, Electric Heater, Heating / Cooling Coil, Operator Call & Memory Retention in case of Power Failure. Option of main power control panel with PLC touch interface is also available Glycerine Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine is provided with Human / Machine safety interlocks & Sensors for added safety.

It is available in various option having no. of beakers like 6, 8 and 10 with different capacity i.e 150 ml and 250 ml each.


  • Machine body and all parts coming into contact with the dye liquor are made of AISI SS 316TI/316L, highly corrosion resistant
  • MLR of 1:20
  • The apparatus comprises of tank, beaker and gear box
  • Beakers are capable of with standing pressure upto 6.0 Kg/cm2
  • Control panel with JOGSON dyeing controller & touch interface (Optional)
  • Limit switch installed at top cover for operator safety
  • Heating & cooling coil made of stainless steel AISI SS 316TI/316L
  • Gear driven energy efficient electric motor
  • Ideal for recipe developing & shade matching for large batches
  • Simple installation at slab of dying lab

Technical Data

  • Maximum Design Temperature 140°C
  • Heating Gradient 25°C - 130°C approx at 1.5°C /min. (Dry Saturated Steam pressure at 7 bar)
  • Cooling Gradient 130°C - 85°C approx at 1.5°C/min. (Cold Water of 25°C at 3 bar)


  • Uniform dyeing
  • Hassle free plug and play model
  • Low running cost
  • Semi automatic operation
  • Inching switch for rotation
  • Ensures a sound free and smooth working
  • Suitable for nearly all fibers and narrow fabrics
  • Longer functional life
  • Unmatched performance